I had a great time at my first AquaBellies class. I have a very stressful job where I work weird and often quite long hours. I had a headache for 2 days straight prior to my first class and after relaxing in the pool and stretching my muscles I didn't realise until I was on my way home, but it had completely gone! So thank you, the benefits I have noticed have been great so far! :)

Belinda, 25 weeks pregnant

After picking up a flyer at my OB for AquaBellies, I started going to weekly classes. My first impression of Sam was that she was warm and friendly and instantly put any nerves I had at ease. The environment was non-threatening, everyone in the class was really inviting of new participants and Sam’s knowledge was great. Being a mum herself, as well as a midwife and instructor meant that I had every confidence in what she was showing us and what she said. Each week Sam took us through a series of exercises and activities and kept the sessions really interesting. Sam offered us advice if we had any concerns with the exercises or even how we were feeling throughout our pregnancy – whether those concerns were physical or emotional. During the class I felt weightless, which was a great relief (especially towards the end of my pregnancy) and after the class I would feel really relaxed but knew that I had worked out. I would definitely recommend AquaBellies to any mum or mum-to-be.

Tammy, 5 months postnatal

I started aqua bellies at 27 weeks and only wish I had started it sooner! I felt great after each session and loved that it gave me the motivation to exercise which wasn't always easy in pregnancy. It was great to meet other mums and mums-to-be and I continue to be friends with some of the girls I met. I think the best part was that while exercising I could learn all sorts of things from Sam and the other girls - anything from where to get good maternity clothes and advise about cloth nappies, to birthing tips and pelvic floor exercises. I'm back postnatally and I'll definitely be back when I'm pregnant again!

Anna, 6 weeks postnatal

I joined AquaBellies when I was approximately 24 weeks pregnant when I was referred by my lovely midwife after I had mentioned that I wanted to participate in some type of 'workout'. AquaBellies sounded perfect - however, I had been suffering from severe Hyperemesis Gravidarum [nausia and vomiting] and was a little nervous about entering the water, in fear I would .. well you know. I plucked up the courage and went along anyway - it was such a relaxing experience. It gave me the opportunity to relax and focus on preparing my body for my expanding belly and birth. I have also since learnt how to do pelvic floor exercises properly! I have wasted the past few years doing it incorrectly!

I highly recommend AquaBellies - no matter what you are looking to get out of it, I guarantee you will enjoy it.

Gabrielle, 29 weeks pregnant

I found AquaBellies very relaxing and looked forward to the class after a day at work during my pregnancy. It is a good place to meet new friends and speak to other women who were feeling the same as you do. Highly recommend Sam and her Aqua classes.

Jade, 3 months postnatal

Thanks Sam, I really appreciate your support and advice. One of the best things about being pregnant was aqua and getting to know you and the other girls. I can't wait to come back!

Tenille, 1 day postnatal